USA's Multi-Prong End-Game approach with its CIA biovirus COVID19 to STOP China

Now that Pompeo and the rest of the Trump admin / US government have officially pushed the narrative that the COVID-19 is not only the Wuhan China virus but also that they say it was a deliberately man-made Chinese virus that either escaped from China’s Wuhan labs and/or was covertly used by the CCP as a bioweapon, I think it is only fair to review with similiar standards to that regard in terms of the real truth about COVID-19 and which nation stands the most to gain… and I will propose my belief that there exists enough coincidences in timing and other circumstantial evidence for a reasonable mind to permissibly infer that COVID was in fact a CIA biovirus perpetrated by the US government with the following multi-prong motives:

1) Use the economic devastation that COVID has enacted upon the world to convince the entire globe to turn away from China, to isolate China and to cripple China economically and diplomatically. COVID-19 was the artificial “circuit breaker” and “reset” event that US needed to get its vassals back on board, America felt it was losing its economic grip and the best solution wasn’t to start a direct war with China but to release the CIA biovirus, let it play out, and then pin it on China, and use that false flag event to sway the rest of the world to turn away from China and turn back in towards the Western/US lead systems. Without this artificial “stop” in the system it would have been nearly impossible for America to pull this off, rerouting a flowing river is much more difficult than it is to wait until the flow slows to a trickle and then carving a new path for the water; likewise COVID19 causing the economic shutdown of the world was the perfectly planned and pre-staged event in order so that as the countries of the world start their economies back up they will be much more inclined to rebuild towards the West and to turn against China than had the COVID event never occurred. Indeed, this COVID event already achieved the US desired goal of forcing UK to reconsider its Huawei 5G stance, and Boris Johnson personally getting the virus only seeks and serves to play into US hands and American interests… Now we are seeing the Germans are following suite and have joined the US lead all out war against China, and if the rest of the EU follows as well then America would have succeeded in using biowarfare to isolate China on the worldstage and also to restore its petrodollar hegemony. COVID gives America the chance to usher in a new global calculus in the world and also affords the US the opening to give its allies, vassals and enemies alike the ultimate ultimatum: the opportunity to choose sides as it prepares a full Cold War 2.0 against China!

2) The high-level notion of who stands to lose the most in terms of raw total nominal losses… Just like Microsoft implementing ad blockers in its browsers by default also hurts it Bing ad revenues, the fact that Google has 90% of the ad marketshare means that while Microsoft is also hurting itself by blocking ads it is hurting Google even more since Google has more total dollars that it stands to lose out on. Likewise, as China has surpassed USA as the world’s global trading partner and this trending was accelerating, it become clear to the US elite that they would rather deploy COVID to torpedo the entire world economy just to freeze the current status quo in place and prevent China’s continued rise rather than let the status quo play out in which it was projected that America will be overtaken by China within a decade or two. This CIA biovirus serves to act as a mega-catalyst and impetus in painting a very broad categorical brush stroke, a US devilishly engineered “microbe” to broadly at the highest of levels restructure and reshape and reset/restart the new world order to America’s sole unilateral benefit. This is what is also called the Scorched Earth policy, in that if the USA cannot remain #1, it would rather burn the entire world down and drag everyone else down with them than to allow a Great Power Competitor (“Central Threat of Our Times”) that wasn’t Caucasian/White to overtake them. It is much easier to destroy than it is to build, easier to burn than it is to create. While China excels at “builder” civilization and benefits from a growing world economy and increasing trade (including the One Belt Road and other projects) America on the other hand has taken a policy of “scorched earth”, that if they cannot be number one then no one else shall be either, and that if the US is going down, then the US will take the whole world down with it, so to speak. You can build a great sand castle on the beach as fast as you want, but all it takes is an obnoxious school yard bully to come along and kick it a few hard times and all your hours of hard work comes crashing down. So instead of Win-Win (with America managing its own decline over time) it has become lose-lose with America suffering its own blowback just to make sure China doesn’t get its victory either. Another element in this is that of the great leveling of the playing field and using COVID as a great equalizer in the sense that it asymmetrically targets China structurally long term and serves as erasure of China’s comparative advantages in relative terms. This sort of “race to the bottom” strategy is one in which US feels like it has the better odds of winning, instead of competing with China to see who can advance further, it believes in actively sabotaging China, even if it hurts itself in the process, as this gives it the maximum chance to yield the greatest comparative results since it would allow the US to close the relative gap.

3) In the off-chance that America isn’t able to ride the momentum of its COVID covert biowarfare global social re-engineering false-flag operation to ultimate Mission Accomplished success status etc then it will also leverage COVID for other contingency plans and to hedge its bets with a fall back position of last resort. If China manages to still come out ahead of the US long term despite the COVID event, the US elites will need a backup plan and already come to a realization that if they ultimately cannot stop China from rising to the top then they need to still make sure they still retain a parallel full industrial base independent of China as a strategic fallback position and defensive posture. Hypothetically under this scenario, once China is at the top, the US would still command enough foreign assets/cronies that consist of a full-spectrum industrial base. The US has to make sure that the US, and the West, is not left a big hole in it own global order of supply chain and industrial bases. Let’s say the petrodollar hegemony falls and the US no longer enjoys having the global reserve currency status and all the perks that comes with it, – then not only will America lose the geopolitical advantage and leverage of being no longer able to unilaterally abuse the US dollar global reserve currency status and financially weaponize it to coercively sanction other nations that do not kowtow to it, and not only will the US no longer be able to “harvest” China and make China pay for America’s own growing militarization expenditures and overseas adventures aimed against China, but indeed it will no longer be able to financially and economically colonize the entire world nor will it be able to continue to usurp/extract/harvest the wealth of the world by taxing a percentage and taking a cut out from every transaction that takes place on this globe –, and then it will no longer be able to continue to get free things from the world while printing fake money in return (Infinite Quantitative Easings), and if that eventuality will come to pass one day in the future, be it two, five, ten or even twenty years from now, America will need to have its own industrial base back since by then its free ride and gravy train will essentially be over and once the music stops it won’t be able to count on its vassals to pay the rent so it has to go back to making its own stuff by itself, hence the need to retain and restore its own domestic industrial base fully independent of China … and COVID is the perfect false-flag event to give it a push in the butt and force the American people to get adjusted to the hard times ahead when they can no longer count on getting free shit from China or from the rest of the world.

It is also a way for the US elite to consolidate power and restructure the future of America in which the so-called Nonnegotiable American Way of Life (high living standards propped up by the rest of the world via Petrodollar hegemony) will have to be re-negotiated one way or another and this event serves as merely one way to subconsciously desensitize the American people to a “new normal”, one in which America and Americans will have to share the ever shrinking pie with the rest of the multilateral world order and in which the US government will have to manage its own decline whilst also managing – the ever lowering/lowered – expectations of its own people back in the homeland.

When the US government starts treating its own people like the way it treats the populations of its vassals, puppet regimes, occupied territories and other colonies etc then that is when you know the cannibalization has already started and the decline has entered its final stages. When the going was good they threw some bones to the middle class, but now that America is in full decline it cannot even afford to treat its own people right and have to start cannibalizing and consolidating from within just to survive.

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I concur with AscendChina



If things went as planned…

If things went as planned, China would be a poisonous stew of conflict with all sorts of internal troubles, starvation, insurrections and conflicts. The workers would be sick and dying and the anti-China propaganda campaign would scare companies from trading (or continuing to trade) with China. No hot war would ever be necessary.

The COVID-19 germ bio-warfare released at the most vulnerable time for social communicability on CNY eve, would completely turn China into a basket case.

ospitals, civil services, and all government would be overwhelmed. People would be clamoring for peace and stability, and that would open up an opportunity for the United States to begin harassment in the area around Taiwan. HK would be in turmoil. Military actions would fracture Xinjiang, and alliances would crumble.

If you recall, in February and March 2020, two carrier battle groups were being sent to that area…

… up until they had to make emergency stops at Guam for COVID-19A lethal outbreaks.

By the time the end of the Summer rolled around, American intervention in Taiwan would be in action. Success would flood the airwaves, whether true or not, and trump being a “War President” would take complete control of the government with landslide victories in both Congress and the Senate.

Then with a solid control of the Washington apparatus, the subsequent phases of action could proceed. Which would of course mean military troops, on the ground, to “liberate” the Chinese yearning for “freedom” and “democracy”.

Things didn’t go as planned

No, things did not go as planned.

They never go as planned.

Someone should tell these neocons that you have to have a few “projects” “under your belt” first before you try implementing them. Things never go according to plan and if you go ahead and kick a dog, expect him to snap at you and bite your arm. China will not watch while all this happens and not train, prepare, plan and take action.

While all this was going on, China knew what the neocons were planning. China and Russia shared intel data, and combined saw that America was an active and real threat. If China collapses, Russia would be next. If Russia collapses, China would be next. So what did they do?

Russia and China signed military self-defense treaties.

Then at the same time, they started to warn the United States to stop; just stop…

They also watched with some degree of hope that the intel information was incorrect, and that the United States would stop. That the United States would end it’s anti-Chinese propaganda campaign, it’s anti-China technology assault, and it’s anti-China biological warfare programs…

But America wasn’t listening…

The COVID-19 bio-weapon attack

So America launches a very dangerous bio-weapon attack on Chinese New Year eve. The timing was such that it would have spread like a fire inside a bone dry barn filled with hay. If China did not take immediate action, the entire nation would have turned into a complete “basket case”.

But that is not what happened.

China went on full military alert. It went DEFCON ONE on CNY eve. Everything went under lock-down, and then China took aggressive action on an entire slew of areas. Obviously the Chinese intel knew something was up, and had more information about what was going on than what we have been led to believe. China killed the pandemic and stopped it right in it’s tracks.

But that is only part of the story.

The entire time while China was under lock-down, people were dying, and the anti-China propaganda campaign was reaching a fever pitch, China took action.

  • COVID-19B Lethal – For Chinese to get sick and die from.
  • COVID-19A Safe – For Americans and their allies to build up “herd immunity” to.

But, what action could China take?

What would be comparable to unleashing a biological WMD upon Chinese soil to kill Chinese citizens? What could China do to strike back in a “measured response”?

China made a dangerous version of the “safe” American virus.

A virus based on the safe version that the Trump neocons wanted to infect all of America with. A virus that was/is being disseminated all throughout the United States thanks to Trumps advisory that everyone does not need to wear masks, or use social distancing.

Don’t you all think that it was weird that he would insist on no one wearing masks?

Don’t you think that it was really strange that he wanted groups of people to conjugate together? It’s almost like he wanted everyone to get sick. Wasn’t that strange?

Don’t you think this was strange when there were just terrible videos out of China? With people having seizures, dropping dead on the elevator, and collapsing when they took their children to school?

Don’t you think it was strange?

Yes. Trump unleashed the COVID-19A all over America. And yes he also gave it to his allies in Europe precisely so that everyone would get the “safe” virus. He wanted everyone to be exposed to the “safe” virus. He wanted everyone to be immune. He wanted Americans and their allies to not get the COVID-19B lethal that America unleashed.

China did take action.

China took action. They turned the “immunization” virus lethal. They took the “safe” COVID-19A that Trump wanted everyone to get, and altered it. They made it lethal and took away it’s immunization properties.

  • COVID-19A Lethal – Non-immunization version, lethal, sent back to America.

And that is what is unleashed in America today.

And now, in America it is chaos. Everyone is scrambling and confused. Some believe that Trump is right. Get the COVID-19A “Safe” it will be just a minor cold. The flu is far worse. While others are watching people die, and collapse. They think that Trump is an idiot Protests are going on. Shootings, and disruptions in food supply. People are unemployed and people are disobeying the need to self-isolate.

But it’s not just that…

The Chinese are avoiding fighting.

That is America’s strength. The United States is used to creating the “playing field”, so China is redefining the narrative, and performing a “run around” all of the neocon’s efforts.

Like this for the “pro-democracy” riots by the CIA/NED…

Yes. We are in World War III

Today the world is wracked with three strains of a bio-weapon designed, concocted in America and unleashed by the neocons in the Trump administration.

COVID-19A – Safe. Designed to grant immunity to Americans.
COVID-19B – Lethal designed to kill Chinese.
COVID-19C – A variation of B, designed to target Iran and North Korea.

And now…

COVID-19A Lethal

Update – 12MAY20

Apparently, since America launched the bio-weapon attack on the Chinese New Year Holiday, and China was forced to go into DEFCON ONE, it has stayed at that state or military readiness. There is no evidence that the Chinese military has “stood down” or relaxed their defensive posture.

As such, high-yield nuclear weapons have been moved all around the United States and ready to strike back were any additional neocon military “events” were to take place. This is reasonable. What is unreasonable is to think that China would not take any subsequent action.

Which brings me to this report…

Ya don’t think?

Gosh, how stupid can these people be?

If you launch a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) against a major power (COVID-19B Lethal), you can most certainly expect them to react. Or do you believe that they are political idiots with the brain of a snail? Do you think that they will continue to just “take the hits”? Do you think that they will go “protest” at the UN?


What this means…

The Chinese project 094A missile submarine with JL-2C SLBM missiles has long been considered to not be a threat to the American Navy. The argument is that they are usually only deployed close to the Chinese mainland, and would never stray out of the South China Sea.

Interesting. This operational parameter seems to have changed once the United States decided to attack China.


The Jin class carries a total of 12 JL-2 (Western reporting name CSS-N-5 or Sabbot) submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles. The JL-2 missile has an estimated maximum range of around 7 400-8 000 km.

Each JL-2 missile carries a single 250-1 000 kT nuclear warhead, or up to 3-4 smaller warheads with a yield of 90 kT each. For comparison purposes the nuclear bomb that completely glassed Nagasaki during World War II was 21 kT.

Knowing that the Chinese are a serious nation that does not play, we can expect a mixture of single 1000 kT high yield warheads, alongside tri-warhead missiles in the 100kT range. As such, we can also expect one singular Type-94 SSBN to completely take out all the cities in California within three minutes of launching.

Also know that the only hope for the crew of the submarine to survive is to unleash all of the SSBM missiles within seconds of each other. We can also expect that a trio of MIRV warheads would be launched and spread out upon a specific target. Thus, twelve missiles would result in the destruction of twelve cities.

California would cease to exist in any form aside from a dry, radioactive desert.

Update – 13MAY20

China fires its latest underwater nuclear missile into spotlight with science prize. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force is developing its third-generation SLBM JL-3, with a range of over 12,000km (7,450 miles), which would allow it to hit the United States if the missile were launched from the Chinese coast.