USA just started Opium War 3.0 and Full Iron Curtain against China

USA just started Opium War 3.0 and Full Iron Curtain against China

Knifes out and ready to carve China up again

US is forcing TikTok US to sell to Oracle then turning around and kicking Tiktok international off the app stores, clearing the room for US TikTok to dominate worldwide, China goes to build its own app store, US sanctions all entities that associates or works with China app store after kicking out Chinese apps from Apple and Google app store.

On top of it, US says any nation that blocks US companies or US apps will be sanctioned and justification for invasion… like Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Syria, Bolivia, Lebanon, etc etc

Trump is also banning WeChat and Alipay worldwide by removing them from Apple and Google App stores internationally, not just from US. US also sanctions any firm that publishes a version of their app to any Chinese app store.

They also want to force Huawei HiSilicon to sell to Qualcomm and to install a US companyman to board of all Chinese tech companies, and all Chinese telecom companies must submit to US audit and monitoring even within mainland China itself, and China must permanently remove its Great Firewall in addition must give all US companies complete and unfettered access to Chinese markets

Trump plans to trick Modi into helping the US attack China by promising India that after China has collapsed that India will take its place… So Modi sacrifices a bunch of soldiers in the LAC and intentionally pokes China to defend itself, thereby starting a regional war. This gives Uncle Sam the pretext it needs to ramp up even more heavily in the SCS, and then Amerikkka does a false flag event in the SCS to further escalate, allowing it to declare war on China, and that is when Tiawan takes the oppurunity to declare independence. Now its three against one and China has to content with India on its west, SCS situation and a rogue Tiawan situation… at this precise moment Trump kicks China out of SWIFT, chokes China of all processor chips and semiconductors, and then release a far more deadly virus (compared to COVID) in the heartland of China, along with mininuking the Three Gorges Dam by targeting it with satellite from space, and a high level EMP to wipe out China’s electric grid while gettings it vassals (Korea, Japan, Phillipines, etc etc) to cut China’s underground sea cables, thereby effectively severing it from the communication/internet of the outside world… when China is down, blind, deaf and scrambling is when the US does a strategic nuclear first strike to decapitate the CCP before it has chance to retailate with its own nukes…

Given Trump’s actions so far in 2020, I fully expect the rest of 2020 to play out like this….

Chinese government if you are reading this, when it doubt, better to use the DF-41 while you still can… if Amerikkka wants to continue to do scorched earth, and lose lose, lets get it over with…

USA is going to get a bunch of nations to gang up on China and carve out China yet once again, this is history repeating itself in the form of Opium War 3.0, the Second Coming of the Eight Nation Alliance… once US strikes China, all Chinese Americans living in America (and possible all other Five Eye nations) will get rounded up into concentration camps and gassed to death… this will be the extermination of the Chinese race/civilazation from the face of the earth, Trump, Pompeo, Cotton, Bannon, etc all wet dreams will come true. The CIA false flag biovirus planted to frame China in Wuhan was basically an international version of The Chinese Exclusion Act 2.0 and the seeds of preparing the whole world to turn on China and accept the Amerikkkan lead extermination of all things Chinese…

From the sudden appearance of ASF virus that decimated China’s pork supply at the height of the Trump initiated Trade War against China, to the once in a century coronvirus coinciding with America’s Cold War 2.0 targeting China as the ‘Central Threat of Our Times’ with the CIA biovirus released in China’s central transportation hub of Wuhan on its busiest period of the greatest human migration on earth on the Chinese Lunar New Year to the mysterious factory fire that destroyed the state-of-the-art EUV lithography machine China had purchased from ASML to research semiconductor independence, to the well timed Beirut port explosion to stop Chinese Belt and Road connectivity, to the coup and color revolution of Hong Kong, Belarus, Bolivia etc to the false flag and false attribution of the Navalny incident to sabotage Nord Stream II in favor of US Freedom Gas … these strings of coincidences form an island chain of dots that connect together to show beyond any doubt that America is a rogue superpower willing to scorch the earth and burn it all down, constricting, plundering and destroying anything and everything that gets in its way of absolute full spectrum dominance and sole unipolar hyperpower status and eternal reigning hegemon…