P.K. Law: 2019-nCoV is a biological warfare weapon produced in the USA

“2019-nCoV is a biological warfare weapon originally produced in the USA, and that COVID-19 is a pre-meditated event designed for the USA to consolidate and to sustain political and economic supremacy internationally.”

“According to the news report, Fort Detrick had its license revoked last July after an outbreak similar to COVID-19, killing about 20,000 people with 75% of nearby citizens infected. ”

“When CDC suspended the BSL3/4 license from Fort Detrick last July, and demanded close-down of its facility and destruction of its records, many of its workers had already been contaminated, ending in COVID-19 outbreak in the East Coast cities. ”

Law, P.K. (2020),COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Origin, Implications and Treatments. Open Journal of Regenerative Medicine , 9 9, 43-64.

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My analysis of the manqiangrexue incident and why I think he got so dismissive and defensive for no reasonable cause…

This manqiangrexue guy is extremely passive-aggressive and always seems to be doing verbal hit-and-runs where he drops a bunch of words and then tells you he didn’t read what you wrote in reply and to not to talk to him anymore etc… It feels like very childish behavior like those kids on the playground, saying lot of mean things and then when the other party dishes back, the kid puts his fingers into his ears and screams “I can’t hear you…”…

For him, “conspiracy theories” don’t exist, and are always wrong, and should never be entertained. I guess that is why the CIA was the one who came up with and coined the term “conspiracy theory” in the first place in order to discredit the alternative explanations of the events leading up to the assassination of JFK or anything that strayed from the ‘official story’… I think it takes an incredibly naive mind to adopt the stance that one should always dismiss any and all speculations or potential conspiracies simply due to lack of hard evidence at the time. But more than that, I think this guy manqiangrexue from the getgo just refuses to allow himself to believe or admit the truth even if the evidence was right in front of his eyes…

I say that because he purports to respect the scientific process and repeatedly told me he “only answers to scientific evidence”, but when I present him with a peer reviewed paper stating there is conclusive proof that COVID19 was a US bioweapon launched in Wuhan, he mentally shuts down and instead of attacking the paper on its own merits states that merely “he doesn’t understand how it was accepted for peer review” and so he “cannot believe in it”, and then gives his OPINION that he author of the paper already took the view that COVID was a bioweapon and worked his way backwards to find such evidence to support his paper…

The irony is it is clear to me that this guy manqiangrexue from the get-go already took HIS own view that COVID19 couldn’t have possibly been a US bioweapon and manqiangrexue had thus closed his mind off to any other possibilities from the very start, refusing any discussion other than “hard prove from scientific peer reviewed papers” and yet when precisely presented with such a “scientific peer reviewed paper” he finds another excuse, basically stating that he doesn’t want to believe it so the matter is closed…

Manqiangrexue has essentially engaged in circular logic to fool himself. I think it is a defensive protective mechanism to emotionally shield himself from the possibility that COVID was indeed a US bioweapon aimed at China and for other geopolitical purposes. If I were to venture to guess, I would even say that very likely the root-cause or core-reason why manqiangrexue will not even have a civil or reasonable discussion or debate on the topic, no matter how much hard evidence is later presented or how much circumstantial evidence that already exists, etc is because it completely shatters his preconceived notions that all China has to do to win is to continue to “build” a “peaceful rise” and that China will naturally come to the top. The fact that China may have been attacked by a US bioweapon (which is an asymmetric threat very difficult for China to respond to) completely crashes his worldview because he didn’t believe, couldn’t believe, and still doesn’t believe and doesn’t want to fathom the mere possibility that all America has to do to counter and reverse China’s rise is to get down and dirty and play the bioweapons card, possibly followed up by kinetic war and even a nuclear first-strike once China has been significantly weakened and isolated on the world stage.

I think even if it were proven or even if US admitted to doing COVID as biowar that manqiangrexue would still dismiss that reality. Why? Simply put, in such a reality China becomes the likely loser. It is much easier to destroy than it is to build, easier to burn than it is to create. While China excels at “builder” civilization and benefits from a growing world economy and increasing trade (including the One Belt Road and other projects) America on the other hand seems to have taken a policy of “scorched earth”, that if they cannot be number one then no one else shall be either, and that if the US is going down, then the US will take the whole world down with it, so to speak. You can build a great sand castle on the beach as fast as you want, but all it takes is an obnoxious school yard bully to come along and kick it a few hard times and all your hours of hard work comes crashing down. So instead of Win-Win (with America managing its decline over time) it has become lose-lose with America suffering its own blowback just to make sure China doesn’t get its victory either.

I don’t doubt that manqiangrexue is Pro-China. And I too am as Pro-China as any other Pro-Chinese person. But that doesn’t mean he sees things correctly, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have emotional blockages that causes him to shutdown certain lines of thinking and shields him from certain realities and truths. And it doesn’t excuse his behavior and approach. His interactions with myself and others in the past have made me curious as to why he takes his approach and why he seems so dogmatic and religious when anything touches the possibility of COVID being a bioweapon and I have come to the conclusion after giving this much thought is that he realizes if US truly went the bioweapon route in its hybrid war against China that this would be THE game changer that could reverse the course of China’s ascension… and so in order to block out that possibility and that reality, he puts his hands over his eyes and shields himself from the blinding light…

At this point, more relevant topics would what US willing to do to make China pay supposedly for its damages.

If US cannot collect anything from China , it won’t sit idle.

Maybe waging some kinds of wars like bombing all China South China Sea islands.

China right now has nothing to match US F35 in the sea, a big disadvantage.

To me, FC31 is alot more critical than J20/because US not gonna involve in air campaign against mainland. J20 probably won’t get into any actions at all.

In the ocean it’s a different story.

Sinodefence is ran by a bunch of white supremacists… its part of the CIA trick of Controlled Opposition


Deino and TerranEmpire are one and the same person sock puppet accounts and yet he projects onto others falsely accusing them of dual accounts

ArmyBrat mod guy is a white kkk neonazi member , dude lost his job and blames China for his brothers death

manqiangrexue is actually single handedly directly responsible for getting adiru, hydrogenpi, and tidalwave banned on SDF… wouldnt surprise me at all if he was CIA agent coordinating with whitey mods on sdf to reshape the narratives