Is this the End of America?

52 % GDP drop, COVID-19 infections order of magnitude greater than the rest of the civilized world combined, riots, looting and police brutality in every major city… 43+ million Americans shit canned out of a job and this number is still growing rapidly… I think we are witnessing the final stage decline and collapse of the American empire and dissolution of US hegemony!

Even if these protests fizzle out, it could not have come at a worst time for the US. Still over 20,000 new Coronavirus cases a day and new hotspots all over the country. Q2 GDP is expected to contract roughly 40-50%. The US would’ve needed everything to pull off a V-shaped recovery and whatever God you believe in, or not at all, just had to flick a match on the bundle of dry kindling that is American race relations. Perhaps its a sign, if there be higher powers in this world, of who is favored in these times.

To paraphrase Gordon Chang, it really is funny what a single knee can do. It can end your career as an adventurer in one reality, but in our reality it can topple civilizations.

America is getting freer each day. People don’t wear mask, people don’t need to go to their jobs, people do whatever they want, break windows, burn stores, looting. Freedom from responsibility and consequences.

US hoped that COVID-19 would spread from Wuhan to all the other cities in China and would be like Ebola where it only effects East Asia or only China. They hoped that the government would be incompetent enough to the point lots of people died and people would riot against the government and start a regime change.

But instead COVID went to multiple US cities and with an incompetent government and uncooperative population, it spread. And that led to step 2.

Step 2 is the Hong Kong protest. US thought that it would be the battleground for the new Cold War, they wished other Chinese cities would support Hong Kong and riot for freedom and democracy and against authoritarianism. But how Hong Kong treat mainland Chinese and the protest is because Hong Kong people didn’t want to be like every other Chinese, there was no support or sympathy for Hong Kong riots.

But instead systematic racism in the US build up was unleash when George Floyd died. It wasn’t just Minneapolis, now it’s all cities around the US and could possibility affect Canada and the UK as well.

Everything backfires on the Anglos ALWAYS. When Anglo criticize China, but when it’s the Anglo turn, they always manage to botch it up.

In the US, Coronavirus is worse, and the riots are worse. Combine these two, the riots aren’t going away and coronavirus will spread faster.

Its game over for the USA

A nation built on subjugation and exploitation is crippling under the weight of its own inherent contradictions and internal tensions, but with a state apparatus that has reached such technological sophistication and capacity for media manipulation and influence that it’s becoming too big to ever fully fail. The end result is a crumbling empire that will keep shuffling along, dying but never dead, while its citizens play out the same old rules and learn the same old lessons every day until they’re replaced by younger citizens, who relearn all the harsh lessons all over again. A House divided from the second it was built off the backs of peoples it will never fully allow inside its doors.

It was always a republic for the rich and the white and it probably always will be. What we’re seeing in this slide towards proto-fascism is the admission that the old propaganda about freedom and liberty is no longer effective.

They should make 5 demands and will not stop untill all 5 of them are met.

1) End all racism against blacks in any shape or form.

2) All protesters, peaceful or otherwise should be labeled as peaceful acts of civil disobedience. Government should make apology is any use of rioters or terrorist.

3) All protesters arrested, regardless of what they have done needs to be immediately released.

4) An independent commission run by non-americans needs to investigate and charge against the conduct of American police forced.

5) Trump as well as all major officials of the Republican party needs to resign from office and forbidden for running reelection or reappointments.