China's new geopolitical strategy in the post-COVID era

COVID-19, regardless of true origin, and whether or not it was “man-made” or of natural causes, has already turned out to be one of the biggest events in the 21st century, perhaps on a scale larger than even that of the 9-11 incidents.

This biovirus ( ) has served and continues to serve as a huge “circuit breaker” in the global economy and its lingering long lasting affects will alter and reshape the landscape of the geopolitical future. It may well end up being the catalyst and impetus to sway public opinion and trigger many foreign powers to “de-globalize” and bring their supply chains back locally. As China overtook the US as the world’s major trading partner ( ) this has potential far fetching implications if the US were to be successful in coercing or compelling its allies and vassals to seek alternatives for supply chains, thereby bypassing and isolating China on the world arena. COVID-19 is like an inhibitor that has stymied world trade for months on end, creating the artificial situation whereby a new calculus has developed in which companies whom wouldn’t have altered their supply chain due to impracticality of costs are now forced to rethink because of the upset of balance and the changing of cost-benefit analysis. Already US politicians are proposing the “No CHINA Act”, a modern day Chinese Exclusion Act 2.0 on steroids, with an American President who intentionally seeks to rile up anti-Chinese sentiments by blaming his own incompetence on the so-called “Chinese Virus” from CHYNA!

Before COVID, China’s strategy was still largely one of bidding time, of playing low key and focusing its concentration on internal development and growing its GDP, domestic markets, and basically a peaceful economic rise. As the rising power, all China had to do was play conservatively, maintain the status quo and keep on business as usual, and it would have supplanted American hegemony in due time, perhaps by 2035.

Now after COVID, China no longer has the luxury of time on its side. Whether or not COVID was a covert bioweapon created by the US and launched against China for geopolitical purposes, the fact of the matter is this event plays into the American strategy of “decoupling” and of confronting China earlier rather than later. American leaders have realized that if they were to maintain the pre-COVID status quo that sooner or later China would overtake America in all aspects and one day it would be too late to challenge China, so they believed if a kinetic confrontation or great decoupling was one day inevitable anyway, then it would be in America’s best interest to attack or confront China as soon as possible, while America still retained the initiative and hand the upper hand of leverage, etc. COVID has accelerated the brought forward the entire time-table.

If America is forcing China into a corner and leaving China with no other option than to accept a hard and fast decoupling and to prepare for war and physical confrontation, then China must find ways to win even under this new dynamic and with the alternate new strategy of pulling the rug under the US’s feet faster and harder than the US can pull it from underneath China’s feet and to do so quicker than the USA. China must adapt and learn to live and strive with the immediate switching of gears from a strategy of bidding time to that of one of racing to decouple from America and pulling the rug under America’s feet (Petrodollar hegemony collapse) faster than American can do the same to China… China needs to apply “CHINA SPEED” in becoming entirely self-sufficient from the West/US and also being able to produce and manufacture at home everything that it needs from jet engines to computer processors and more… at the same time China must proactively and offensively do whatever it can to reduce and cripple US hegemony and US Imperialism, including but not limited to cooperating with Russia and others to collapse the US petrodollar system instead of relying on its old traditional conservative strategy of defensively playing status quo and blindly hoping that America won’t stab China in the back after it recovers from COVID-19.