America's geopolitical strategy to contain and erase China's tech ascension

America’s geopolitical strategy to contain and erase China’s tech ascension…

I think it can be summed up as the US leveraging its current upper hand and higher position geopolitical hierarchy (military, dollar, tech) to maintain at least always one full-step ahead of the Chinese (Chinese tech companies) at each and every turn of the play of events, with the resultant effect of forcing China to sacrifice the tip (in the current case Huawei) for the bigger picture (SMIC, and rest of Chinese companies not currently under ban list) until one day there is nothing left for China to sacrifice nor even worth fighting for…

Recall, it was a few short years ago back in late 2017 that Huawei had already signed contacts with AT&T and Verizon to bring their Huawei phones to the American market, Huawei phones were set to make a splash and gain a good portion of the US markets but at the last minute the US government told AT&T/etc to regene on the contract and cut relationships. Even after that development, Huawei was still on track to become world#1 smartphone maker bypassing even Samsung by the end of 2019 or early 2020. At the time no one knew just how far US was going to take this escalation in terms of going all-in to kill Huawei and to cap China at the knees…

It wasn’t that long ago when Huawei was offering Apple to use its 5G chips on apple phones. Remember it was late last 2018 that Apple was rumored to have broken up with QualComm on the 5g chipset negotiations and didn’t even have a solution for their 5G chips procurement for apple phones, and that likely Apple wouldn’t have a 5G capable phone until 2020 or 2021, then Huawei came out and offered Apple to use its Huawei 5G chips for its Apple phones… Even after Huawei got put on the US entity list, Huawei made a peace offering to the US in the form of offering to sell the West an exclusive license to its full 5G stack. Xi visited a rare earth processing site to send a subtle signal for Trump not to go too far, and many experts on both sides didn’t think the US would actually one year later drop the axe on Huawei by forcing TSMC to cut ties. My, how the situation has reversed. Now with the TSMC ban and even SMIC seems will get banned by US if it offers to produce fab /chip for Huawei, the tables have turned and Huawei is in dire straits of not being able to produce chips itself for even its own use!

These sets of developments are orders of magnitudes more severe than the talks of ARM cutting ties with Huawei when Huawei was first put on the US entity list last May. Very few people thought at the time that US would actually go all the way and force TSMC to cut ties with Huawei, much less now seemingly forcing SMIC to also cut ties with Huawei or else SMIC gets banned and won’t be able to procure the equipment it needs to catch up with the West in terms of state of the art lithography…

So while Huawei is the tip of the sword for China and a bona fide National Champion, China now has the dilemma of sacrificing Huawei for the good of the rest of the Chinese tech companies and semiconductor industry advancement or rescuing Huawei at the expense and perhaps much greater and broader “cost” of playing into American strategy of giving the US the pretext it needs to ban all Chinese tech companies across the broad at a moment in time in which China hasn’t fully being self-sufficient in its high tech supply chain and abilities yet.

As Steve Bannon once said (and Bannon is getting back into the White house and gaining favor with Trump again) it is “10 times more important to kill Huawei than to sign any trade deal”… this was never about trade but about forcing China to give up on its MIC2025, and other ascension ambitions…

I think the aim is to get China to sacrifice Huawei with the ruse to make the CCP falsely believe that it “choose the right path” and that by making this concession it will satisfy the US objective of slowing China’s tech rise and that America will stop at there… But given the modus operandi of how the Americans have waged war against China in this all-out fashion, from HK to Tibet to XinJiang to COVID to Huawei to TSMC and Meng’s kidnapping and the Chinese ambassador that mysteriously died in Israel right after Pompeo’s visit, to a thousand different cuts and more… its apparently clear to me that the US strategy to subvert, contain, restrict, reduce and erase China’s rightful technology development and high tech ascension will never stop…

I believe the US plans to get concession out of China in the form of China allowing Huawei to fall, giving the Chinese the false pretense and ostensible posturing that if China chooses the rest of the Chinese tech/semiconductor industry over Huawei that Oppo, Lenovo, SMIC, SMEE, etc may be spared… but in reality the moment Huawei finally falls and China stood by doing nothing, those in Washington will then go for the kill, by putting the entire Chinese semiconductor industry and all supply chains that support Chinese homegrown semiconductor industry on the US ITAR list/ US entity list and target broadly those companies the exact same way it is now narrowly targeting Huawei and a few others…

Look at what happend with TSMC, merely hours after TSMC agreed to build a factory to fab state of the art chips in Arizona at Trumps request, the Trump administration turns around and then announces that TSMC is banned from working with Huawei or supplying Huawei with chips. Does anyone really think if after China allows Huawei to be sacrificed that the US will stop there? The US will stop at nothing until China is destroyed and its home domestic technology ambitions as it pertains to semiconductors and chip making is completely obliterated.

At the high level the Chinese government and those in power in the CCP and even the everyday Chinese people and Chinese population at large, should all be acutely aware of the dangerous situation that it is in – in terms of this stategic predicament, and not to continue to be naive or to underestimate the extent of which the US government will go to subvert and utterly destroy China’s technology development… Through its actions and patterns America has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it isn’t intent nor content on merely slowing or curbing China’s rise and Chinese tech development, but the real goal is to completely destroy China so that there is no credible alternative for the world other than to remain squarely within the US unipolar hegemony.

America hopes to destabilize and collapse China enough to the point that someday it can finally “harvest” China as it had planned to do all long since the original reapproacment 40 years ago, and to weaken China significantly enough to force these concessions (opening up of Chinese markets and companies to be “bought” (stolen if you consider petrodollar and infinite QE) by US/Western companies and democracy so CIA can install future hanjian traitors as Chinese leaders) so that it can harvest and pillage all of China without even so much as need for actual kinetic war.

华为的未来与定向(华为将没有人可以制造芯片。 华为将别无选择。)


华为将没有人可以制造芯片。 华为将别无选择。


1)将其麒麟手机片上系统知识产权出售给小米。 oppo和vivo。 因此,所有这些中国手机制造商都自行组成芯片部门。 这样华为可以通过许可赚钱。 同时也许可其手机摄像头技术。

2)华为应该从中国闲置的晶圆厂购买那些二手半导体设备,并准备自己制造芯片。 从中芯国际购买工艺技术。

3)华为收购或资助上海唯一的中国光刻制造商。 换句话说,华为应该将自己扩展到光刻领域。



。 看起来好像缺少固态激光器在20到30 ns脉冲持续时间播种的15 KW范围内的高功率放大器CO2气体激光系统。

15KW的CO2燃气功率很高。 在中国工业市场上没有可用的。

我想知道中国的哪个机构对此进行了研究。 还是军事工业园区。