America unleashed COVID upon the world as the final act of the Great Harvesting

America has or is still currently unleashing COVID upon the world as the final act of the worldwide financial/asset Great Harvesting…

While you may or may not believe COVID was a bioweapon originally engineered by the CIA, what is NOT in dispute is that Trump is intentionally allowing the COVID numbers in the US to grow out of control, intentionally not reporting the true numbers and asking the government to fudge the number downwards, and pressuring other nations to open up to America and allow flights back again… This has the direct affect of unleashing COVID into the rest of the world even once they have it well contained…

The motivation is to destabilize the world, force assets to be pennies on the dollar so that America can QE infinity and buy everything up for cheap at a steal of a price.

This is the final act of the Great Harvesting that has been going on for decades…

Since August 15, 1971, the US has gradually stopped its real economy and moved into a virtual economy. It has become an “empty” economy state. Today’s US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has reached US$18 trillion, but only $5 trillion is from the real economy.

By issuing debt, the US brings a large amount of Dollars from overseas back to the US’s three big markets: the commodity market, the Treasury Bills market, and the stock market. The US repeats this cycle to make money: printing money, exporting money overseas, and bringing money back. The US has thus become a financial empire.

Many people think that imperialism stopped after the U.K. became weak. Actually, the US has conducted a hidden imperialism through the US Dollar and has made other countries its financial colony. Today, many countries, including China, have their own sovereignty, Constitution, and government, but they are dependent on the US Dollar. Their products are measured in Dollars and they have to hand over their material wealth to the US in exchange for the US Dollar.

If we acknowledge that there is a US Dollar index cycle and the Americans use this cycle to harvest from other countries, then we can conclude that the next harvesting time for the Americans would be from none other than China. Why? Because China had obtained the largest amount of investment from the world. The size of China’s economy was no longer the size of a single country; it was even bigger than the whole of Latin America and about the same size as the rest of East Asia’s economy.

Why does the US economy rely so desperately on capital flowing back to its market? It is because, since 1971, the US has given up producing real products. They called the real economy’s low-end or low-value- creating manufacturing industries garbage industries or sunset industries and transferred them to developing countries, especially China. Besides the high-end industries, such as IBM and Microsoft, that it kept, 70 percent of its people moved to finance and financial services industries. The US has completely become a hollow state which has little real economy to offer investors a big return.

The Americans have no choice but to open the door of the virtual economy, which is its three big markets. It wants to get the money from the world into these three markets so that it can make money. Then it can use that money to harvest other countries.

The Americans only have this one way to survive now. This is the US’s national survival strategy. The US needs a large amount of capital flowing back to sustain its daily life and its economy. If any country blocks that capital flow, it is the enemy of the US

Last year during the HK riots it was expected that the riots would spill over into mainland China causing uprising and destabilization of all of China, when that didn’t happen and when the Chinese didn’t kowtow to Plaza Accord 2.0; the only other option left was to destabilize and harvest the rest of the entire world instead!

Bottom line, US couldn’t harvest China, so COVID was unleashed to destabilize the entire world, indirectly allowing the US to harvest the whole planet instead!